2024 Board of Directors: 

Past President - Loretta Baker

President-  Fran Martini

Vice President- Abby Oglesbee

Treasurer-   Patty Gonzalez

Assistant Treasurer- Vacant

Secretary-  Charlotte Palmer

Membership Director- Joyce DeFrancesco

Hospitality Director- Magda Trott

Events Director - Vacant

Communications Director- Fran Martini

Director - Paula Slezer 

Director - Kim Wilson

Director - Susie Planchon

LKWC Board Of Directors Position Descriptions

The President shall have been a member of the Board for at least one year and serve for a term of TWO years. She will preside at all meetings or ensure someone else is presiding in her absence. This is not a remote position.

 The Vice President will exercise the duties of the President in the absence of the President. Additionally, the Vice President will provide support to other members of the Board in the completion of their activities.

The Secretary will keep the Board’s summary proceedings (outline format) which will include a recap of Luncheons/Social events and/or special events.  She must maintain the Club’s records, except for those maintained by the President and the Treasurer. She shall also ensure that all printed correspondence is collected and directed to the appropriate person(s). 

The Treasurer will be custodian of all funds and shall keep a record of all disbursements and receipts as authorized by the Club. This is not a remote position.

The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer and exercise the duties of such in her absence. 

The Communications Director will ensure the maintenance of all social media accounts, the website, and email are up to date with all the Club’s activities to include luncheons, social events, fundraising, and charitable activities. She will act as the Public Relations Liaison, assuring the community and the members are aware of the Club’s fundraising and charitable activities via press releases. 

The Membership Director will ensure the collection and documentation of all membership forms and dues. The Membership Director will maintain a list of Active and Inactive members. She will also ensure the contact information for all members are up to date and is responsible for the security of the membership list and member personal information. 

The Hospitality Director will ensure the organization and scheduling of monthly event hostesses, schedule raffle items for each luncheon and social event.

The Events Director  will ensure the scheduling of monthly luncheons and social events. She will act as liaison between the Club and the restaurant. 

Director(s): Duties will be determined by the Board in which they serve. 

The Past President position may be filled by the immediate outgoing president or by any past president in good standing and nominated for the position by the nominations committee. 



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