On April 8, 1965 an enthusiastic group of ladies met on the porch of the Big Pine Inn with the purpose of finding a way to promote friendship and good will among residents and visitors of the Keys, while supporting local charities through fund-raising.

That day the Lower Keys Women’s Club was born, and for over 50 years the Club has continued the work of these 24 women by raising over moneyand collecting countless items for charities such as: Visiting Nurses and Hospice of the Florida Keys, The College of the Florida Keys Nursing School Scholarship Fund, Bay Shore Manor Nursing Home, the Peacock Apartments, the Heron House, the Key West Convalescence Home, Homeless Shelters, Food Pantries, Florida Keys Children’s Shelter, Domestic Abuse Outreach, Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, SPCA, Keys Healthy Start Coalition, Max's Angels, and for seasonal local events benefiting local community.

Just like many of the residents of our community, the Club was heavily impacted by the devastation of Irma. In 2019, we were at the verge of losing our Club, due to declining membership. But just like in 1965, a group of women came together, stood strong and because of their passion and determination our Club was able to welcome enough new members to allow us to plan for a successful future. The last few years have been challenging, yet we were still able to help our membership and community during the chaos of a pandemic.

In order to continue the good work of the Club, we need to continue to grow our membership. Please help us by joining us today and inviting your family and friends!

Past Presidents:

1965-66 Lou Castles

1967 Louis Kitching

1968-1969 - Elenor Moor

1970  Elsa McNulty

1971  Edith Meyers

1972  Betty Harmon

1973-1974 Mary Clark

1975  Mary Lou Howell

1976- 1977 Mary Roberts

1978 -1979 Ione Troha

1980-1983 Bessie Schueler

1984-1985 Jean Johnston

1986 -1987  Lil Krom

1988 -1989 Nancy Beckman

1990-1992 Bobbie DeStefano

1993 - 1999 Blanche White

2000 - 2002 Paula Phillips

2003- 2007 Joanne Drabinski

2008- 2011 Loretta Baker

2012 -2013 Abby Oglesbee

2014  Erica Garrick- Rodriguez

2015  Natalie Maddox

2015  Chelsea Grider

2016  Karen Chesley

2017 Katheryn Eads

2018 - 2024 Abby Oglesbee

Current President : Fran Martini


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